Mobile Strike Hack

Mobile Strike is a mobile strategic war Mobile Strike Hack game published on the Apple iOS platform. Project is using the free model with micropayments. It’s made by a Machine Zone studio (known because of Game of War). In promotional activities we can see Arnold Schwarzenegger  – but in game we can see him only a few times.







The action of a published on Apple iOS Mobile Strike plaltform is realised in close future. We can be a part of an armed conflict. The main plot isn’t so important here because we use a multiplayer mode for the most of time. The gameplay has been divided into two different levels. First is about a strategic management of the base. As part of it we collect materials, create new buildings, conduct the research about new technologies and train the army. It’s nessesary to build the defence like fortifications or automatical watchtowers which can resist the other players’ attack. The second level is a war. Player can lead over a dozen types of units – from foot soldiers to tanks and helicopters. We use them to fighting with other players and attacking their bases. Battle mechanics are pretty simple and the most important thing is which division we decide to display (it’s usual in games like this). Every multiplayer gameplays have a place on one server – as a part of a big online conflict. Players can create guilds and compete with the similar groups for the world domination.


The game is available on Android and iOS for free. All fun is about a base expantion, its fortifications, training the troops and sending them to fight with other players. Everything is kept in a current battlegrounds climate.


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