How to quick earn HearthStone Gold [HACK]



Real money are not essential to succeed in Hearthstone Gold and dust can be earned by completing daily quests, gaining ranked rewards as well as disenchanting unnecessary cards. This solution is really tough though. Players, who’d like to be competitive and reach top positions in order to play with another high ranked gamers, should expect quite high outcome on packs and adventure modes. Today’s Hearthstone arena is very competitive, therefore new players have to struggle to get to the top unless they decide to spend some cash, but even that is not really an easy solution, because you need to know what to buy.

Posting this article is preceded by launch of a brand new set of cards, Whispers of the Old Gods. At the moment it’s really impossible to foresee, how this release will impact the gameplay. TGT brings in number of new features, including for instance that cards can be “inspired” with power of your hero, or you can use “joust”, which is an idea to compare e-peon size, with bigger minion earning bonuses. These two are possible able to slow down the game, because the community apparently feels that so-called “fast” decks overwhelm players willing to compete in a more flavourful way. Personally I can’t say if it’s true, because my experience shows that the only impact on my level was to sub several cheap minions for other ones.

Although I have spent the price of full triple-A game on Steam, it’s still impossible for me to create decks that will possibly play as I expect – by now I have been making only small upgrades.

For these reasons I live Hearthstone, but I must say that I hate recommending it. This, in my opinion, incredible game provides a great deal of entertainment: amazing gameplay that caused me to sit for hours in front of my PC and then laying to bed with Hearthstone on my iPad to play before sleep. I’m keen on being a part of the community, not only chatting with friends about the game, but also browsing new ideas for decks and so on.

However, the price I need to pay in order to succeed is enormous. For my joy I have spent around $200 within last two years, which, in my humble opinion, makes Hearthstone the most expensive game ever.

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