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It is worth to say, that some exercise to activate needs control concrete character.GTA 5 Key Without embody in every of guys, we cannot finish the game, and while effect assaults, in turns we repossess control of all of them, already before plan the assaults. That assaults drive scenario and with fantastic system of shooting and hide behind shields, are one of the best points of GTA 5.





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Michael miss for a old life – assaults, shootouts and buzzing adrenaline in the blood. Boring dailiness appears suck out the will of life. He becomes older and older, becoming object of ridicule for his kinds and wife. But this will change soon, together with met Franklin.

He works for local Armenian car dealer, which run a legal business. Franklin is excellent driber, what is important in job, when his boss command him return unpaid cars of debtors.

One of them is Michael son, and Franklin gets task – take over a car from him. Things become complicated reaching unexpected effect, what cause eventful beginning of colleagues two main characters.

The last character, which we will lead is past friend of Michael – Trevor. Both we know in the beginning of the story, when the action catch some years back, and guys try to rob the bank in North Yankton.

Trevor is doubtless the most colorful character in GTA 5. He is brutal, aggressive and unpredictable, but also surprisingly smart. It is hard to say, that is deeply genius, or it is alcoholic mumble. The fact is, that Trevor fascinate his fierceness, sarcasm and specific rating of reality. Together with Michael make maybe not harmonious duet, which filling in Franklin.

When we „unblock” that trio, we can toggle between them in any order. Camera goes away changing in plan view and suddenly come near our character, which we meet while daily activities. This confuses, that Michael, Trevor and Franklin have his own live, and when we not disturb them, they do what they like.



GTA 5 Key

GTA 5 Key


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