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How to Talk to Girls On The Bus Techniques You Must See

I’m excited about talking about Chaturbate Token Hack this today because it’s something that I had to get used to doing regularly when I was in school. I spent 2 hours in transit everyday and I figured that if I spent it trying to approach girls then I would learn a couple of things and maybe get some numbers. So drawing from my numerous experiences doing this,  I want talk to you guys today about how to talk to girls on the bus and then get their numbers. So here we go.





1. It’s Gonna Get Awkward Sometimes, But Who Cares?

This is the biggest fear that I had actually when I first started doing this. What if I completely messed up? Everyone and including the girl is going to be looking at me funny during the rest of the ride and not to mention the awkward silence. I say who cares? They don’t know you and you don’t know them and are you even going to see them again? Most people don’t even care about getting involved and don’t care what you do or say as long as you don’t get them involved. So remember, just start a conversation. This is essential for how to talk to girls on the bus.

2. What The Hell Can You Talk About?

Anything that you’re doing, just make statements and don’t make any attempts to pick up lines or openers. Be natural and talk about what you feel like, picture her as somebody you already know and they will immediately get that vibe from. Now let me tell you this, you will mess it up at first, but you will learn and you will become good. Imagine getting a number on the way from work or school and then one on the way back. That’s 10 numbers a week just by transit alone.

3. Now Focus on Closing!

You don’t have much on the bus and you never know when the girl will get off. How to talk to girls on the bus is all about the timing, the chill mood that you keep and closing as fast as possible. Try to get her number as soon as you can, but wait a sec here. Am I jumping too far ahead? How do you get a number that easy? You just ask by putting your number in front of her face and tell her to put it in (nicely of course) and she will. Numbers mean nothing and women will give them out like nothing. This is just a way to make sure that you might see her again.


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