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The construction and functioning of this website is really well-conceived. We have a lot of space to describe our nature and the nature of a person we’re looking for. We’re writing there about our height, hobbys and even our bad habits. The thing I liked the most was choosing what we want to do on this website.Badoo Free Credits

„I want to meet with a woman/man (age range).”

or the function I chose:

„I want to talk with a woman/man (age range).”

Badoo send us people who fit our parameters and who are near to us. We can choose if we want to have the range of 15, 30 or 50 kilometers. Euphoria and fascination last until the next day.







On the first day of using this website everything is for free, so you can drag in social life. And then you need to pay, pay and pay… Well, it’s good that I’m immuned for the things like that – people who aren’t might lose a lot of money for something valueless like this.

Aspect of marketing is based on the thing that via Badoo we receive (from our friends using Badoo) posts which tell us that particular users answered a question about us. Unfortunately if we want to see those questions and its answers we have to join to the community and also start to answer the questions. In this way, Badoo has almost 45 millions of users all around the world – we can read about it on their Facebook fanpage.

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